Graphene Next Generation Clothing

Last Updated on Friday 11th December 2020 Mens Apparels,

Graphene-x has given the clothing industry a revolutionary edge with its incredible scienced materials. They use scienced material which is light in weight and easy to carry as they believe in excellence and quality, not quantity. Graphene apparels are highly adaptable and goes easy over your skin. The brand is particularly popular in competition, sports, and dynamic textile industries.


Furthermore, Graphene is the next generation clothing because all their clothing products are made from un-parallel material that can lasts for the lifetime. It pledges to defeat all the drawbacks of current smart apparel technology.


Advanced Material Quality Of Graphene-X :


The material used in production of Graphene X clothing is the strongest material collected from all around the world. It has been meant for enhancing your athletic experience. Graphene-x is composed using 48% Nylon, 30% graphene-integrated polyester and 22% cotton. It is used to make sportswear, jackets, and shirts. The fabric blend with Graphene, including polymers, at normal room temperature. It has a waterproof layer and offers 10k of water-resistance. Graphene material also carries thermal features, which are highly used in shirts, jackets, and ski-jackets. It will decrease the chances of getting injured, and the fabric provides you unbelievable toughness and durability.


Smart Shirts And Jackets :


Graphene-X jackets and shirts are strong enough to survive in extreme climates. The fabric used is light in weight while increases the abrasion resistance of the jackets. Also, it remains breathable and satisfactory. While selecting the jacket and shirt, consider the following features.


  • The jacket or shirt is thermally conductive and keeps you relax in any weather, even if you are doing any intensive physical activity.
  • The fabric is in excellent condition even after 50,000 strokes. The material has a comparison with military-grade outfit, and Graphene is notably more powerful than steel.
  • The fabric is simple, flexible, stretchable soothing, and twisting. You can wear these apparels while running, hiking, trekking, swimming, stretching, and playing golf or any other sports. 
  • It has thermal conductor properties. The jacket or shirt keeps you warm and fresh when the weather is extremely cold. The fabric is helpful in weather as low as 0 Celsius. It can be conveniently worn with just a cotton t-shirt.
  • It deducts all the moisture from your body and helps you to keep dry and relax.
  • It also carries antibacterial qualities, which help to prevent bacteria from developing in your jacket or shirt.
  • The Jackets and shirts will protect your sensitive skin from harmful UV rays. They are durable and easy to wash but not to recommend any bleach.
  • The apparel is on top of everything. It carries PFC free coating, which is applied in the shell face to resist liquid.


Conclusion :


Graphene can make all the impossible into possible. It is the best sports gear anyone wishes for. The material is unbelievably strong for the sporty guys. It is made while considering the potential of strong people to help them achieve endless opportunities. It is something must-have for all sports lovers. Upgrade your wardrobe as soon as possible as it is the next generation clothing. This fabric is something actually out of the box. Graphene-X is working on something no other brand has ever tried to do it previously.