Infants - Little Girls Dresses

Infants - Little Girls Dresses


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Ariel and Ursula Themed Dress for your Little Girl

Your little girl wants to dress up like a fairy but that without putting too much weight of those bu..


Birthday Outfit White Silk Lining Poppy Dress

Make the first birthday of your little one extra special and dress her in Birthday Outfit White Silk..


Full Length Lace Floral Heirloom Dress

Parents often lookout for gowns and bonnets for their little ones to make their special events extra..


Girls Silk Penelope Dress With Bloomers

Handmade Penelope White Silk Dress & Bloomers are perfect for dressing your precious-little-ange..


Hand Crafted Grace Christening Gown & Bonnet

Made of 30% silk and 70% cotton, this Hand Crafted Grace Christening Gown & Bonnet looks elegant..


Jessie and Woody Dress for Young Girls

These Jessie and Woody designs are evergreen and this time around they just make one appea..


Lola Christening Infant Dress

Make the essential event of your lives extra special with Silk & Cotton Lola Christening Gown &a..


Newborn Layette Hannah Knot Gown & Bonnet

Who says newborns can’t become fashionistas? With the Newborns Layette Hannah Knot Gown & Bonnet..