Omega 3 Layer Fabric Fully Waterproof Pants


Graphene Omega Pants That Lasts Lifetime by Graphene-X are designed to fulfill all your needs. Its 3 layer fabric protects you from cold and provides you all the warmth and comfort. In addition, the product is constructed to last longer. The pants also include various pockets to make your essentials safe and protected. You can wear them for any outdoor activity. In other words, these pants allow you to move with comfort throughout the day. Moreover, these waterproof pants have belt loops of 2 with 5cms width and 8cms length. It also features a RECCO Reflector device to find lost people. In addition, two versions are available which are convertible and non-convertible for your convenience. It also has an adjustable hem with hidden snap buttons. Moreover, the product is well done for running, hiking, or camping with excellent moisture absorption qualities.

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