High-Waist Woman Ultralight Sweatflow Leggings


High-Waist Woman's Sweat Flow Legging is a fabulous outfit, specially designed for women with durable quality. These pants makes you look hot and adorable, the sweat flow legging is skin fit with a narrow bottom that makes you feel confident when going out for outdoor occasions. Additionally, its AATCC-201 technology makes it 71% dries faster making it an ideal Stink Proof Leggings. No matter how hot the weather condition is! It has two big right-left side pockets for keeping mobile or wallet. When you are working hard, it removes infrared body heat and soaks all moistness. Its fabric also kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria. However, this legging is ideal for outdoor camping, yoga, hiking, and traveling.

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  • Brand: EverBrand
  • Product Code: SweatFlow-Legging
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